9 lives?


in 2002 i was an animal control officer for the SC county, i had worked the job for about a year and usually worked by myself.
On aug. 19th we got a call for 6 kittens left abandoned in a planter box by a local theater, the maintenance man heard them crying when he watered the flowers and called it in.
I took the call and when i found the kittens i counted 7, they were all newly born mostly calico or black cats covered in fleas, the mother was no where to be found, i loaded them up in a carrier and left.
i knew we had no mother cats at the SPCA and that all of the kittens would need to be put down without a mother at this age… i also knew it was recently Danielle’s birthday and the call was for 6 kittens not 7.
i stopped by my house on the way back, and told Danielle to take the kitten she thought looked the most healthy, and she picked a chubby little tuxedo boy. as i went back to work Danielle rode her bike to PetsMart where she got some stuff for a flea bath, bottle and formula, gently bathed him and started to bottle feed him.
This was Guppy.
Guppy was our only cat for 7 years, he was a very odd lil boy. he hated people, he was scared of the outdoors and had a habit of making direct eye contact and never looking away. he was extremely loving to us, a great majority of my games were made with him laying his head on my right arm while i drew with my left. 
Guppy was Danielle and my mascot, we included him in almost everything we did and every video we made.

last week on the anniversary of the day we got him, guppy passed away. its hard to avoid the fact that such a significant part of our lives who was never intended to exists was with us for 12 years and left on the anniversary of the day we first saw him. 
it’s impossible to put into words how significant Guppy was to both of us, he was our 1st baby and we both loved him greatly.. 12 years feels like a short amount of time but im so grateful for the time i got to spend with him, our little ghost kitty.
in his honor this week i’ll be showing a Guppy Item, Guppy’s collar. 


wearing his collar grants the user a 50% chance of coming back to life at half a heart in the previous room. 

I leave all that i own to you my little Gup.

It’s been one year since this handsome little man came to stay with us. Each day has been a blessing~

It’s been one year since this handsome little man came to stay with us. Each day has been a blessing~

Re:Hamatora isn’t really making me long for the next episode in the same way Hamatora did. This last episode a lot of shit happened and there was even a cliffhanger in it similar to the first series but for whatever reason I’m just not really feeling it this time and I can’t figure out why.

So your waves don’t crash around me,
I’m staying one step ahead of the tide.

Rebecca Ferguson

I think that somehow it’s always been this way. The more I care about and put effort into interacting with someone anyone really…the easier it is for them to just leave me. I try too hard I guess or maybe its just that I’m always just stupid enough to believe things are more than one sided., that I’m the only one who is supposed to give a fuck.

I know there is nothing great about me but still I alway seem to manage to think someone else sees something in me and wants to get to know me. Maybe its because they know me that makes it so easy to leave. Like one day they finally learn the secret, that even though I’m a living breathing human being even something as stupid as an inanimate object is better company. Even after months, weeks, hell even fucking years anything else will do.

Maybe I’m the bad person after all for feeling so goddamn entitled, but you’d think that after so much time passes you’d earn more than an abrupt send-off in which the other person just stops giving a fuck and nothing is wrong in the world because of it. My bad I thought after so much time it would be harder nope its still judt me.

Afterall I was never worth anything to begin with.

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