the skin packs are so fugly…why…WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

*remains stuck playing as Steve*

I made curry~


though sadly it didn’t thinken quite right even though I used less water…it’s because it lacked potatoes, I think. The added starch would have been useful but this is now a pre-diabetic home so we can’t have potatoes here anymore ah but savoy cabbage made a really good addition. I was kinda worried about it getting too soft and not being crunchy since I didn’t have carrots but the thick stem-y part, which I think I was supposed to cut out ~.~ it really saved me there.

Now I’m cheating I’m eating jasmine rice but I also made some wild rice which isn’t actually rice it’s a seed or grain or something so even a pre-diabetic person like my mother can enjoy it…even though she hates curry haha oh well.





 I’ve  never seen these all together, so I thought I’d put them in a photoset. Made by the fantastic Kendra Wells on the Toast.

Well, go head, then, Kendra Wells! 

I love these!

im nervous yet aroused

these are so awesome

Tips to live by.

My handsome little man.

My handsome little man.

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Magical fighting girls (& cats) this Saturday night at Qpopshop.

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In Fear Review

I much like the millions of people in the world…or at least the people who reviewed this film positively ~.~…can admit that Watch a film about two people driving around following signs in a forest for 2 hours is an absolutely terrifying experience. Yes, this film was brilliant…BL

Basically this awkward couple who has known one another for 2 weeks goes on a trip together and the man of course wants to rent a hotel and bang her because it’s been two weeks…but it’s taken to be a romantic gesture as they wait in the car so they can follow this truck to the destination…as opposed to using the fucking GPS in the car to get there.

Apparently something happened in the Pub they were at beforehand but we were too busy having a strange moment in the bathroom to really understand…I’m sure it’s not too important to the film’s plot…~.~ of course not. Right then so they follow this truck to a chained up fence and are left there, being the sensible people they are they get out and unchain the fence and proceed through LIKE MOST SANE PEOPLE WOULD.

The rest of the time is spent driving around following signs to try and get to the hotel but it really just sends them in a huge circle over and over again because they just can’t stop following the signs. Rather than using the multiple maps they have to get to the damn hotel or the GPS WHICH WE CAN CLEARLY SEE SEVERAL TIMES they drive around until they decide to get out and walk up a hill to try and see the hotel. The car alarm goes off for some reason so they run back to the car. Ooooh spooky….get back in and drive some more.

Which they try to do but they keys are missing but the car is unlocked which doesn’t really explain why or how they are setting the car alarm off by opening the doors or how the car alarm shuts off by itself when they close the doors but I digress…they find the keys on the ground and get back in the car to do some more driving, can anyone else say YAY!?!

Thye find themselves back in the same place for the I don’t know hundredth time which was clearly a straight shot back to the locked fence but no they hotel they’d already come this far they will use it. They see a ‘sign’ and the girl leaves the car to investigate and finds YET ANOTHER MAP well if it wasn’t there earlier surely it must be a sign from god and not the person obviously fucking with you by changing the signs it takes them somewhere else and a tree almost falls on them…they also find Lucy’s clothes on the ground somewhere oooh scary it couldn’t possibly be that the person who set off your car alarm too the clothes and so they contemplate how this could have happened since they are alone…

Tom starts drinking and they drive around some more deciding to give up on the hotel and try to get out of there then Tom hits someone oops looks like they aren’t so alone after all ~.~ who would have guessed it Lucy was only saying there is someone behind your or I saw somebody for the past half hour…picking up this guy he tells them they aren’t along and nurses a cut on his face while the couple is obviously disturbed by his presence.

Then all this talk about the pub comes into play, so glad we were in the bathroom for all of that ‘plot’ stuff…

More to come when I stop pissing my pants over how terrified I am even thinking about the three of them riding around together…spine tingling stuff right there


Gonna do it

gonna start American Horror Story

not gonna get too spooked

gonna watch it all the way through

i hope

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